Intellectual Property

2017 Piracy Observatory

There has never been so much presence, links and dissemination of works, ingenuity and entertainment. However, neither has there ever been before such a violent attack on the legitimacy of intellectual and industrial property rights and their owners. We have a challenge: to adjust and adapt the businesses linked to the cultural industry to a new reality, the unstoppable path to the digital global society.


Why Intellectual Property matters

Throughout European history, the products of human imagination have played a vital role in shaping the world we live in. They expand our horizons and give rise to ever-greater creativity and innovation.

Creative ideas are unique. They need encouragement, dedication and protection. Creators must be rewarded for their artistic, intellectual and financial investments. This remains fundamental in the digital age. While technology is revolutionizing how consumers interact with creative content, providing exciting new opportunities for all of us, Europe must continue to ensure that the right conditions are in place for professional and high quality creative works to flourish.

This requires strong intellectual property rights that foster creativity, innovation and investment in new talent, for example up-and-coming script writers, directors and producers.

Safeguarding intellectual property is also supporting the technological ingenuity that ultimately benefits all of us.



Other Challenges

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