Me siento de cine

Me Siento de Cine is an informative webpage that brings together the entire legal offer in Spain. The platform’s aim is to inform the users about the different legal offer platforms to watch movies in Spain, always respecting the intellectual property rights.

The platform offers information about more than 44,568 titles between series, films and short films. This content is accessible in the 30 different digital platforms which constitute the cinema digital legal offer in one click allowing users to watch a movie respecting the intellectual property rights.

The project was launched in 2012 with the support of FEDICINE and UVE as FAPAE (Federation of Spanish Audiovisual Producer Associations), FECE (Spanish Cinema Exhibitor Association) and the Spanish Film and Visual Arts Institute (ICAA) and also the institutional support of the Secretary of State for Culture and Telecommunications that sponsored the project.

The main objective of Me Siento de Cine is to help users find all the cinema legal offer in Spain. The challenge to give more visibility to the legal offer stands as an alternative to find ways to stop online piracy. It doesn’t only commit the future of the cinema and other cultural sectors but it also damages the image of Spain abroad.

The project drivers want to become a site of reference for those who love cinema and also wants to encourage the users to visit the webpages that respects intellectual property.



Agorateka is a pan-european website of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), created through the European Obsevatory on Infringements of Intelectual Property Rights, in line with the awareness raising initiative Ideas Powered. It allows citizens to search through national-level portals that link to sites for music, film & television, e-books, video games and sport events.


It provides fast and easy access to legal offers online, giving a single access point to national sites, and allowing users to find legal content sources easily and quickly. Agorateka also provides an overview of the online landscape of websites in the different countries offering creative content.

It contains also other useful information, including statistics, for citizens and businesses. Agorateka is constantly adding more sites from more countries and working on improvements.

Agorateka was formed in 2016 with France, Latvia, Portugal and the United Kingdom, who participated in the pilot project. In 2017, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania joined it.

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