Fiesta del cine

It is the quintessential event for moviegoers, and the way of saying thanks on behalf of the film industry to the public that attends the cinemas along the year. It is a moment to celebrate «watching movies in the cinema» as the best cultural and leisure offer in our country.

Fiesta del Cine is an event that takes place in Spain and seeks both, to encourage attendance at cinemas as a social and cultural habit, and to show the gratitude of the film industry to the spectators, who enjoy the magic of the movies on the big screen every year.

During the three days of the event, the spectators can enjoy tickets at € 2.90. Around 350 cinemas participate, which is about 3,000 screens. In total, during the twelve editions held to date, more than 17 million viewers have enjoyed this film event.

The thirteenth edition of Fiesta del Cine was held in Spain on October 16, 17 and 18.

The initiative created by representatives of the film industry, FAPAE, FEDICINE, FECE and ICAA has its origin in France, more than 25 years ago where it has become the main film event with the viewer as the main character. Since then, several countries around the world such as Belgium, Spain, Chile or Peru, have adapted this initiative.

Fotogramas, Cinerama,, Ticketmaster, 014DS, Discine and Movierecord are usual collaborators.

Fiesta del Cine has been a success in each and every one of its editions. These are the attendance data to date:

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