Fedicine represents 90% of the Spanish film distribution

About us

We pursue the defense of the interests of the Spanish film distribution sector

About us



FEDICINE, the Spanish Federation of Film Distributors, pursues the defense and representation of the Spanish distribution industry before the administrations as well as before other associations in the pertaining sectors of other operators.

For this purpose, we maintain a fluent relationship with domestic and foreign institutions in matters as relevant as:

Single Market

The European audiovisual model and the Digital Single Market.

+ Culture

Did you know that Spain had the highest cultural VAT in the euro zone?


 We promote a respectful digital environment with intellectual property


From Fedicine we want to promote the film industry, by bringing viewers to the big screen, and the new digital options that exist today. To achieve this, we work from the distribution sector along with other sectors of the film industry, looking for formulas that promote the attendance to movie theaters, or creating our own platforms where one may find all the legal offer of home cinema, and by so doing, combating online piracy.

Festival dedicated to the film industry with 3 days of discounts in most of the cinemas in Spain.

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Informative web that agglutinates all the legal offer existing in Spain at the moment, and that tries to communicate the different options the user has to watch cinema, respecting the intellectual property rights.

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FEDICINE represents more than 90% of the distribution industry in Spain, nowadays made up by the following companies:

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FEDICINE is interested in:

Piracy Observatory and digital consumer habits 2018

For more information about sector institutions do not hesitate to consult our LINKS OF INTEREST.